Youth Fitness Training
KIDS AREN'T SMALL ADULTS - they should NOT be trained like an adult athlete. You and your child want a professional coach who is keenly aware that the development of fundamental athletic skills is the key to setting up your child for long-term success.


The fact of the matter is, the adolescent years are where the most critical training takes place for motor skills, relative strength, and developing a healthy relationship with exercise, competitive athletics, and an active lifestyle.

It’s not just about running faster, jumping higher, and/or being the most powerful.

The more variety, tools, and skills they are exposed to; the greater their foundation will be as they get older and want to specialize or excel in a specific sport or in life.

Respecting the needs, goals, and emotional development of a young athlete while also being sensitive to the external factors that influence and affect today’s youth, our coaches create positive athlete-coach interactions that will affirmatively impact your youth-athlete for a lifetime.

We do this holistically through 4 pillars of athletic development:

  • Skills Developmentthe foundational building blocks for movement & sport
  • Relative Strengthbuild muscular strength & capacity to support & protect the body
  • Healthy Lifestyle Coachinginstill sustainable nutrition, performance, & recovery practices
  • Mindset Developmentpositively reinforce self-confidence, self-esteem, & appropriate expectations/outcomes

No matter what sport(s) or activities your youth athlete participates in - having a qualified coach help them prepare physiologically, physically, and psychologically can increase longevity, reduce risk of injury, and ultimately help them be the best version of the competitive or recreational athlete they desire to be.

We have a program specifically for Female Teen Athletes.


How to Get Started

Don’t be that parent that has your 12-year old training with parachutes and box-jumping in a weighted vest…OR, using other highly advanced training techniques for your teenager who alternatively should be working on basic movement patterns and appropriate and relative-strength programming.

Instead, let one of our qualified, experienced, and professional coaches help you assess, then develop, the right program for him or her.

Getting your youth athlete started on their new program is simple.  First, contact us below for a FREE Phone Consultation and to schedule your Initial Session.

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