The Importance of a Professional Nutrition Coach

The Importance of a Professional Nutrition Coach

By Scott Howell

Make sure you're informed:

If you asked 10 people about what “healthy nutrition” means to them and followed that question up with which foods they consider “good” and which ones are “evil,” you’d get 10 entirely different answers. If you next asked 10 fitness industry or nutrition “experts” the same questions you’d likely get a similar myriad of answers. In either scenario, you would hear individuals intensely assert the “facts” about how dairy is bad, soy causes cancer, gluten is the root of all evil, more protein is better, keto is king, and any starch beyond yams or sweet potatoes is poisonous. There are some pretty deep-rooted opinions about what constitutes healthy nutrition, and, in general, there’s a good deal of conflict.

Why is there so much conflict?

It starts with exceptional marketing and sales tactics employed by the multi-billion-dollar food, drug, supplement, and fitness industries. And, it ends with a well-intentioned consumer who ends up buying what these companies are selling. It’s really that simple.

The interesting thing is the scientists and practitioners that research and study the TRUE facts really do agree at many levels about what should be considered healthy nutrition. The challenge they face in spreading the good-word about nutrition is that what they have to say is really un-sexy. Their findings don’t really translate to glamorous selfies posted on Instagram or witty hashtag posts on twitter. And furthermore, even if these experts wanted to market themselves and their findings for the greater good they certainly aren’t going to be supported with sponsors like those multi-billion dollar industries for which the scientists would be de-bunking left and right.

Where does that leave those that want the truth and nothing but the truth?

The general consumer attempting to improve their health and fitness will find themselves in a very tough position. Knowing where to go to get accurate and up to date nutrition information can become a full-time job. It means knowing how and where to resource research articles and those specialists who have written or produced them. It means navigating through a confusing and convoluted matrix of food products and proposed diet programs that may or may not be healthy or helpful. And, it means having your current belief systems and relationship with food challenged upon obtaining this new information. Feeling overwhelmed and un-easy about what to do in order to truly effect a positive change would be totally normal.

Helping people understand and take control of their own nutrition is something we take a lot of pride in at Red Dot Fitness. In our Targeted Nutrition Program, we employ scientifically-based programs, personalized meal planning, 1:1 client Nutrition Coaching sessions, support materials/tools, to guide clients through their journey to better health and sustainable results. At Red Dot Fitness, we approach nutrition coaching with the same model as fitness and exercise programming. Our model is individualized, progressive, and supported by evidence-based research and field-tested knowledge.

We do not subscribe to a “one size fits all” diet. With over two decades of experience, we understand diversity within body types, food preferences, emotional and cultural food relationships, and various knowledge levels and limitations that exist for our clients. Our nutrition coaching program framework assists clients in shifting towards new habits and taking control of their own nutrition through 3 specific ways:

  • A thorough evaluation of current eating habits/history and food preferences
  • Guiding an individualized approach to "diet" success
  • Frequent 1:1 coaching sessions and support tools to help overcome challenges, ensure accountability, and celebrate success

Whatever approach you decide to take towards improving your health and wellness through nutrition, make sure you do so from an informed position and a place of awareness. Ask yourself whether or not the decisions you are making about the foods you eat and how you consume them make sense. Are the decisions about loving and nourishing yourself...OR, are they about punishing or restricting yourself? If the answer is unclear take a moment to be present and think about it...and, don’t be afraid to ask for help!

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