For whom is this program designed?

The Total Body Strength & Conditioning (TBSC) program has been developed specifically for the novice to intermediate exerciser who wants to redefine their body from a hypertrophy, strength, and performance standpoint. Simply put, TBSC is a program crafted to develop muscular strength and hypertrophy for aesthetic, performance, and longevity purposes.


What should I expect?

This program will introduce and teach the basic fundamentals of strength training. Instead of “throwing you” under the bar for your main lifts, we prioritize teaching the basics first. After the basics are established, then we layer on the nuances and/or complexity as needed, and where it is relevant.


How do I know where to start?

We recommend ALL users start the program in Phase 1. Follow this recommendation to establish foundational movement patterns, build a strong platform for program progression, and reduce risk of injury and/or “over-training.” 


What is required?

This program keeps equipment to a minimum, and as accessible to people as possible without the need for complex modifications and fancy machinery.


Here is an exact list of what you will need for this program:

Bodyweight (BW)

Barbell (BB)

Weighted Plates 

Adjustable Exercise Bench

Multi-Purpose Power Rack

Dumbbells (DB)

Kettlebells (KB)

Suspension Trainer

Tubing (or cables if available)