Targeted Nutrition Coaching

At Red Dot Fitness we approach nutrition coaching with the same model as fitness and exercise programming. Our model is:

  •  Individualized
  • Progressive
  • Supported by evidence based research and field tested knowledge

We do not subscribe to a “one size fits all” diet. With over two decades of experience, we understand diversity within body types, food preferences, emotional and cultural food relationships, and various knowledge levels and limitations that exist for our clients. Our nutrition coaching program framework assists clients in shifting towards new habits and taking control of their own nutrition through 4 specific ways:

  •  A thorough evaluation of current eating habits/history and food preferences
  • Structuring and providing individualized weekly meal plans
  • Frequent 1:1 coaching sessions and support tools to help overcome challenges, ensure accountability, and celebrate success
  • Providing client access to their own private nutrition portal to customize meal plans and ensure accountability

 Our process is simple: here are the steps in taking action towards your journey to a healthier and happier plan for nutrition success:

  1. Book a FREE Phone Consultation with one of our Nutrition Fitness Pros so we can assess your needs and goals
  2. Enroll in our Targeted Nutrition Coaching program
  3. Complete the Food Log and Nutrition Survey & Food Preferences worksheets provided for you following your FREE Phone Consultation
  4. Next, schedule your first 1:1 Nutrition Coaching session where you’ll receive meal plans, success guides, and individualized support for getting the results you desire

Our pricing supports our individualized and progressive model. Get started with our Targeted Nutrition Coaching program:

$299 Enrollment (includes 1st month) and $99 Month-to-Month

Month 1                                                                                 

  • Three 1:1 Coaching Sessions
  • Customized Weekly Meal Plan & Grocery List
  • Access to the Online RDF Client Nutrition Platform    
  • Professional Guidance & Support

Month 2 & Beyond                                                         

  • Two 1:1 Coaching Session each month
  • Customized Weekly Meal Plan & Grocery List
  • Access to the Online RDF Client Nutrition Platform
  • Ongoing Professional Guidance & Support