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It’s not all about calories in vs calories out. You need access to a professional coach who understands you as an individual so you can successfully maneuver through and around, your own unique diet history, stress profile, and current health status.


Helping people understand and take control of their own nutrition is something we take a lot of pride in at Red Dot Fitness.

In our Targeted Nutrition Programs, we employ a scientifically-based approach rooted in the foundation that each individual is unique. We do not utilize templates of information merely based on physical statistics. From a self-directed option to comprehensive 1-on-1 programming, optimizing your nutrition provides the foundation for optimal health. Below you will find a breakdown of our 3 options:

  • 30 Day Tune-Up 
    • Proven self-guided program for complete nutrition & health optimization
  • Personalized Macros Coaching (month-to-month)
    • Health & Wellness, Aesthetics, &/or Performance 
  • TOTAL-90 Lifestyle & Nutrition Coaching (90 days w/ ongoing options)
    • Comprehensive & multifaceted coaching program that goes way beyond just the macros

How to Get Started

Our process is simple: here are the steps in taking action towards your journey to a healthier and happier plan for nutrition success:

Learn more & enroll today in the self-guided 30 Day Tune-Up!

30 Day Tune-Up


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