Siobhan Fitzgerald

    Siobhan Fitzgerald

    Personal Trainer - Coach

    MEd, CPT, PN1, iPEC

    Siobhan Fitzgerald comes to us from a teaching background and a love for living an active lifestyle. She is originally from Toronto, Canada and has lived in the Bay area for 14 years.

    Siobhan's enthusiasm for the outdoors and adventure fueled her mountain bike racing and triathlon training. She continues to enjoy the outdoors while engaging in strength training to prevent injury. While training for endurance sports, Siobhan experienced injuries, gut and performance issues. These experiences led her to seek a better understanding of the human anatomy, physiology, nutrition and female health. Siobhan's passion for fitness and all things health related influenced her decision to become NASM, Precision Nutrition and iPEC Life Coaching certified.

    As a mother of two teenage daughters and former educator, Siobhan's other area of focus is today's youth. Siobhan has coached school and club sports; as well as, taught positive psychology, health and wellness to highschoolers. She is very cognizant of the pressures placed on teens today as one daughter is in College and the other is a student-athlete. Both girls are very different. One daughter is more health conscious and the other struggles with positive self care.

    Siobhan's personal experience partnered with her professional experience has led her to develop a partnership with Red Dot Fitness and to create the Female Teen Athlete (FTA) Program. Red Dot Fitness and Siobhan are excited to launch the FTA Program as this is the only program in the area which focuses on educating, developing and supporting female teen athletes in all areas of self care - physical, nutritional and psychological.

    Siobhan's energy, enthusiasm, and friendly demeanor makes her a great instructor for your teenage daughter.

    I'm ready for my first coaching session