The decision to hire a personal trainer is an empowering one. Putting a dedicated fitness expert in your corner can net you invaluable expertise and support for devising a smart workout strategy, overcoming emotional and physical roadblocks, and getting the real results you’re after.

Semi-Private Personal Training is one of our most popular and economical service options.  Semi-Private training offers the same individualized programming for your needs and goals as 1:1 Private Personal Training at a great value.  With Semi-private training you will be training with 1-2 additional clients simultaneously.  Each client gets individualized instruction for her/his own program in a dynamic and fun environment with training partners that may or may not have similar goals or be of similar fitness levels. Let us know your ideal training schedule and we’ll find you a partner or partners that have a similar or the same training schedule.

Red Dot Fitness takes a systematic and analytical approach to designing customized training programs that meet the goals, needs, and abilities of our clients. In theory, every “body” should be able to perform many of the basic movements included in many of the popular one-size-fits-all exercise programs.  In reality, the bodies of most of our clients seeking increased quality of life through fitness and athletic performance aren’t prepared to handle the intense demands of these programs. Working with a Personal Trainer using a customized program can help ensure that clients learn proper form and technique in basic exercises and movements before progressing to more advanced, dynamic and intense programs.

  • We focus on improving performance and quality of life through the mastery of all 10 components of fitness: Balance, Strength, Power, Speed, Coordination, Agility, Accuracy, Cardiovascular Endurance, Stamina, and Flexibility.
  • Programs can include weight loss, sports specific performance, and corrective/rehabilitative exercise.
  • Clients will experience traditional and non-traditional training methods through focused and challenging individualized sessions in a positive, upbeat and motivating environment.

Getting started on your new fitness program is simple.  First, contact us for a FREE Phone Consultation and to schedule your Initial Session. We’ll start by assessing your specific needs and goals in a 1:1 environment through our Initial Session process. Then, we’ll address them by creating a BALANCED fitness program based on your personal goals, level of fitness, and any limitations you may be faced with. Over time, we progressively increase difficulty and intensity to help achieve your goals in a fun and motivating environment.

Our 1/2 hour and 1 hour Semi-Private Personal Training Sessions are available in increments of 10, with prices starting at $40.

Contact us to schedule a FREE Phone Consultation and Initial Session.

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