15% OFF - 3 Months Online NUTRITION Coaching

15% OFF - 3 Months Online NUTRITION Coaching

Our basic Online Nutrition Coaching package - create new habits, learn what works for you, see & feel results.

  • Requires a 3 month commitment & recurrs monthly at a reduced rate thereafter (30 day notice required for cancelation)
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Personalized Nutrition Coaching regardless of your location

What to expect

Personalized nutrition/dietary solutions

Weight loss, physique, & wellness plans 

LIVE coaching sessions per month

24/7 in-app messaging w/ your coach

Basic fitness guidance & support

HD tutorials & support content


Coaching wherever you go

Stay connected to your coach, track your progress, and access your personalized program in the Red Dot Fitness coaching app from wherever you are in the world.
All clients will start with an intial 1:1 virtual session (Zoom) to review your diet history, current health & fitness status, lifestyle, and the specific goals you seek to achieve. Your coach will use this information to work with you on a strategy and key elements for your ultimate success. Meet virtually with your coach up to twice per month while having access to them 24/7 in our Red Dot Fitness coaching app. This feedback allows for support, program adjustments, and your continual progress.
No matter what you're experience level is, your dedicated & expert coach will provide guidance & support to help you build muscle, lose fat, get fit, & become the healthiest version of YOU possible. There are NO pre-requisites.
Questions? Book a 15 minute "find-out" call with our TEAM so we can help determine the best coach, and fit for YOU! Following your free consult with a coach, you can choose to start our program, and in this case your coach will need some extra time to set up your customized program.

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