Physique - FAQs


For whom is this program designed?

The Physique program is great for the intermediate to advanced exerciser who wants to transform their body and create a physique they can be confident and proud of. This is an aesthetics focused program that targets muscle hypertrophy (growth) and strength.


What should I expect?

This program includes a structured 8 day training cycle format:  Push, Pull, Legs, OFF, Shoulders + Arms, Pull 2, OFF, Repeat. Muscles are targeted twice within the training cycle with a combination of exercises/movements and recovery time(s). Specific details and instructions are provided within the program to manage training variables in order to yield the maximum result(s).


How do I know where to start?

We recommend ALL users start the program in Phase 1. Follow this recommendation to establish foundational movement patterns, build a strong platform for program progression, and reduce risk of injury and/or “over-training.” While the novice exerciser could perform this program and achieve desirable outcomes, we do recommend building a strong foundation by performing our Total Body Strength & Conditioning (TBSC) program as a building block for Physique.


What is required…including equipment?

To get the most out of this program we recommend having full access to a gym with a variety of free weights, machines, plate loaded equipment, cable apparatus, and more traditional “body-building” focused equipment. While modifications can be made for well equipped home gym users and for gym goers that may lack some access or availability of equipment, a more robust gym set-up will serve the user the best. Ths said, our TEAM is always available to provide suggestions or assistance on what might work best for our members when they might face challenges within the program.