Our foundational STRENGTH & MUSCLE BUILDING program

Red Dot Fitness STRONG is a fitness program specifically designed for novice to intermediate exercisers who want to improve strength, increase muscle size and enhance performance.

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What You Get With RDF STRONG

What's in the program

  • Lifetime access to your private program
  • 4-Phase workout blueprints & tracking tools
  • Comprehensive guide complete w/ reference materials
  • 75+ HD video demonstration & tutorial videos 
  • Easy access to everything through your mobile phone &/or desktop

What to expect

This program consists of 4 phases. Each phase lasts 3-4 weeks and include 4 workouts per week lasting approximately 60 min each. Each phase is progressive & works to build measurable & tangible results you can see & feel. Throughout the program you’ll learn about & work through four core principles of strength training; Individuality, Specificity, Overload & Progression. 

How do I know where to start?

We've made considerations & specifically designed this program to handle the needs of the average person while providing flexibilty for more advanced exercisers. Nearly anyone can dramatically benefit from beginning in Phase 1 & utilizing the RDF STRONG structured workout and recovery framework provided.

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