Fuel U

Fuel U

Online Nutrition Education & Success Program

Our easy to follow program to achieve the knowledge & dietary framework you need to make personal decisions on what’s best for building muscle, losing fat, & reaching peak performance...regardless of your preferences or restrictions.

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Ready To Stop "DIETING" & Get On Track?

What's in the program

Access to our customized online education platform easily accessed from your smartphone or desktop

Fuel U Student Workbook (80+ pgs, $100 value, PDF for print)


24 HD video lessons & tutorials

Uncomplicated & easy to follow practical application tools to personalize your own nutrition

Cheat-sheets & supplementary guides to keep you motivated & on track




What to expect

Fuel U is designed to help you discover your own personal formula for dietary success using a structured and easy to follow format laid out using TWO major components:

  • Video presentations - includes tutorials where you’ll see & hear from our TEAM here at Red Dot Fitness
  • Fuel U Student Workbook - includes the informational reading & detailed practical exercises referenced in the videos 

Fuel U is suitable for women and men with all levels of nutrition and fitness experience who want to leverage their dietary efforts along side their fitness routine. There is no one-size-fits-all. Learn how to better navigate through your own personal journey and how the important "subjects" of history, math, science, and psychology can impact your present and future results.  

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