Our most popular POWER, STRENGTH, & MUSCLE BUILDING program

If you're ready for a stronger, more powerful, and athletically dominant body to take to the gym, field, court, mat, or whatever life throws at you...Red Dot Fitness MAX is the answer.

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What You Get With RDF MAX

What's inside the program

  • Lifetime access to your private program
  • 4-Phase workout blueprints & tracking tools
  • Comprehensive guide complete w/ reference materials
  • 75+ HD video demonstration & tutorial videos 
  • Easy access to everything through your mobile phone &/or desktop

What to expect

This 4 Phase program is geared to improve your fundamentals, increase capacity, and take your power and strength to a whole new level. Through each 3-4 week phase you’ll both enjoy, and love to hate, the volume, intensity, and challenge RDF MAX provides with 4-5 training sessions/wk lasting 60-75 minutes in duration.

**This is a complex program that presumes the user has a strong foundation in movement efficiency, strength, balance, coordination, mobility, and capacity. If these “prerequisites” are in need of significant improvement, we highly recommend completing our foundational program, RDF STRONG, prior to beginning this program.

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