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1:1 Nutrition Coaching

Our comprehensive 1-on-1 programming is geared for maximizing your nutrition and providing the foundation for optimal health.  In our Targeted Nutrition Programs we employ a scientifically-based approach rooted in the foundation that each individual is unique. 


Our program includes:

Personalized nutrition/dietary solutions


Weight loss, physique, & wellness plans 


LIVE coaching sessions per month


24/7 in-app messaging w/ your coach


Fitness programming, guidance & support

Personalized Nutrition Goes Beyond Simply Managing The Macros

We understand the challenges you face daily with keeping up with your busy family, professional, and social life. Structure and sustainability are key factors when balancing a lifestyle change alongside nutrition - we’re here to help.

Stay connected to your coach, track your progress, and access your personalized program in the Red Dot Fitness coaching app from wherever you are in the world. 

No matter what you're experience level is, your dedicated & expert coach will provide guidance & support to help you build muscle, lose fat, get fit, & become the healthiest version of YOU possible. There are NO pre-requisites.


Coaching Wherever You Are


Also Includes...

Unlimited Group Class Access

Regular Body Composition Analysis

In-Club Membership Priveldges
Talk to a Coach about your program & pricing

With In-App Access to... 

 Basic fitness, guidance, & support 

 Weekly progress check-ins 

24/7 Access to your coach & team
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Get Started

At Red Dot Fitness we don’t create diets – we help people create change. Our process for getting started is simple and it starts with getting to know you! Contact us below for a FREE evaluation.

What to expect:

Your free evaluation will take place with one of our nutrition coaches. The coach will analyze your personal health/fitness goals and establish an achievable time frame. The goal of this free evaluation is to see whether RDF Targeted Nutrition Coaching is right for you and to help better understand our program before taking the next step.

How long does it take?

30-60 minutes

Still unsure & have some questions?

Book a 15 minute "find-out" call with our TEAM so we can help determine the best coach, and fit for YOU! Following your free consult with a coach, you can choose to start our program, and in this case your coach will need some extra time to set up your customized program. OR, call now 408-242-9442.