Michael Salas

    Michael Salas

    Personal Trainer - Coach

    CPT, Strongfirst SFG1

    Michael Salas believes strength is the foundation for movement, and he works to help his clients become stronger without hindering their life outside of the gym, but rather elevating their quality of life.

    Michael began his professional career in Mill Valley where he attended the College of Marin with a focus toward Kinesiology before transferring to San José State University to further his education. In Mill Valley, he coached Private and Semi-Private Training sessions at the recreation center, and he founded a group training class titled, “Power 60.”   The purpose of Power 60 was to empower participants through a combination of mobility drills, strength work, and high-intensity interval training.

    Michael is passionate about continuing to expand his trainer “toolbox” and further his knowledge of different training modalities.  One organization he discovered is Strongfirst where the foci are kettlebell, barbell and bodyweight training to create a strong foundation for movement. Michael achieved his Strongfirst SFG1 Kettlebell Instructor Certification, and has used the principles and education he acquired to help advance his clients’ growth.

    Michael has experience working with diverse individuals of all ages and ability levels. He specializes in improving strength and conditioning through foundational movements and “bettering the basics.” Other domains of expertise include hardstyle kettlebell training and barbell training to develop strength and power.

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