Making the Most of Your Wearable Fitness Gadget

Making the Most of Your Wearable Fitness Gadget

Event Time : Thursday, March 2nd - 6:30-8:00PM Trainer : Scott Howell

Fitness trackers are like gym memberships. When they're all shiny and new, it's easy to think they're going to change our lives and help us wave goodbye to our unwanted body fat and say hello to a new and improved, leaner, and sexier version of our former selves. Then, three months later the novelty wears and reality bites. You haven't suddenly developed the body of a magazine cover model and bit by bit you've simply stopped caring what your wrist jewelry is telling you. OR worse, you've completely focused and quantified the value of your activities based predominantly on the data your gadget has provided. 

The stats tell a grisly tale of unfulfilled resolutions. Research by US firm Endeavour Partners found that one-third of American consumers who bought a wearable product stopped using it within six months.

So how do you make sure you don't become one of the statistics?

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