Lauren Cannon

    Lauren Cannon

    Outreach Coordinator - Front Desk

    2-4 hours a day…6 days a week…for 9 years.  That’s how much time and energy Lauren committed to the art of dance through her adolescent years.  For Lauren, dancing was a major part of her identity. When dancing came to an abrupt end, she struggled to fill the void and feel fulfilled with a healthy outlet that could keep her fit and focused. While many of her close friends were passionate about fitness training and encouraged her to join them, she couldn’t find the connection or motivation to establish a regular routine.  She wondered, “They’re all so happy working out, what am I missing with this whole exercise thing?”  

    With some gentle nudging and humility, Lauren’s fitness-friends helped her understand the importance of the basics regarding exercise programming and the value of starting her journey at where her unique start point really was – to not compare herself or set expectations for herself based on where others might be.  She’ll be the first to admit, motivation comes and goes sometimes.  But, what sticks is the confidence in knowing she continues to establish and attain the goals she sets for herself.  

    The mindset component embodied in Lauren’s health and fitness training lends itself well to her current efforts to complete her undergraduate studies in Psychology at San Jose State University.  Lauren now has multiple years of experience working for health and fitness companies.  She both appreciates and respects the mind-body connection in achieving optimal physical, emotional, and psychological health, and she intends on incorporating this balance into her future professional practice.

    When Lauren is not at the gym, work, or school she prefers to lay low with her friends and her dog, Jake.  She likes a good home cooked meal with the people she loves versus going out for drinks.  And, she recently re-entered the world of dance. Lauren is constantly setting new goals and strives to further her knowledge on health and wellness while encouraging other people to do the same.   

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