John Fruin

    John Fruin

    Personal Trainer - Coach & Front Desk


    California was “calling” John due to the strong emphasis it’s known to have regarding fitness, temperate weather and the close proximity of sea, land, and mountains all within a day’s drive. A state with a multitude of offerings to those individuals who seek an active lifestyle. This resonated with John so he packed up his bags in Florida and moved to San Jose.  

    Living an active lifestyle is all that John has known.  Growing up in both Hawai’i and Florida, there were always outdoor hobbies such as hiking, surfing, swimming, and biking filling his days.  This strong enjoyment of physical activity fueled his pursuit of fitness which led him to participate in competitive sports. John played club soccer throughout his youth which culminated at an NAIA Division I school where he played for four years. And, it was early on during his college career that John realized his passion for fitness had an academic discipline where a “science of training” could be monetized.

    Since John first discovered the gym when he was a teenager, he has gained over fifty pounds of muscle and has no plans of slowing down. This helped John feel confident in himself as a person and fueled his self belief which has allowed him to get to this point in his life. This journey has shown how remarkable the human body is and how one can change their body composition. It is this which has proven rewarding to John and one of the many reasons he enjoys working with people, so that they too can see how discipline, commitment and hard work can help improve their quality of life and progress their health and fitness. 
    Despite receiving a Master’s Degree in Business and working a sales job, John has always had fitness on his mind; he attained a certification in personal training with the National Academy of Sports and Medicine (NASM), and he is working on achieving his Certified Nutrition Coach certification. John chose Red Dot Fitness to be his home as the culture of the gym promoted hard work and comradery through physical fitness, which is something he aligns with and has applied to his own life.