Jesse Fuller

Jesse Fuller

    Jesse Fuller

    Personal Trainer - Coach


    Born and raised in San Jose, California, Jesse’s family knew he needed an outlet to harness his “Tasmanian-devil-like energy” at a very young age – athletics was the answer.  Dabbling in football, basketball and volleyball, Jesse eventually discovered and fell in love with Soccer.  Soccer became life.  Practicing and playing kept him focused and grounded into his young teen-age years.

    The transition into high school proved challenging for Jesse.  A series of events and unhealthy influences lead him down a path of poor decisions and self-destruction during many of his young formidable years.  Upon his 18th birthday, Jesse realized his previous path was an un-desirable route to unhappy and unhealthy.  He cut ties with all that was destructive in life and immediately returned to where he previously excelled and found success – athletics. 

    Strength training became an obsession for Jesse.  He devoured all the research he could resource from the world’s top coaches, athletes, and experts to learn, and most importantly, apply his knew knowledge.  Within a year’s time, Jesse successfully competed and achieved victories in the sport of Powerlifting. His powerlifting success propelled him into the world of competitive Strongman where he very quickly became a nationally qualified athlete. 

    After spending some time competing in strength sports, Jesse became hungry for a new challenge. While surfing through channels on TV, he happened on the sport of Rugby. He immediately searched for a local club on the web, set up a time to meet with the coach, and the rest is history. Jesse  quickly adapted his training methods to accommodate for his new goals and went to work.  He currently plays wing and inside center for one of the most established premier clubs in the U.S., The San Francisco Golden Gate Rugby Football Club. 

    Experiencing how fitness has positively changed his life and helped him achieve things he never thought possible, Jesse developed a strong desire to help others achieve the physical and mental growth he experienced. He began helping his friends and family reach their health and fitness goals and through their success decided to pursue coaching.  Jesse is wise beyond his years, and his coaching ability is remarkable.  When he’s not on the field, in the gym, or at work, he’s in the gym!  If you’re looking for a dynamic experience with an innovative and motivating trainer, Jesse won’t disappoint.

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