Jeremiah Willis

    Jeremiah Willis

    Front Desk Assistant 

    Jeremiah is a San Jose, Californian, born and raised.   He has three older siblings; two brothers, one sister, and he is the youngest – which he says, “…is a blessing and a curse at the same time.”    As a self-identified “baby of the family,” Jeremiah wanted to play football when he was younger, but that didn’t happen right away.  Mom was conscientious about Jeremiah’s long term physical health, so she delayed football as long as she could.  So, – this was the first organized sport Jeremiah played, and, believe it or not, to this day, it’s still his favorite sport.

    Eventually, over time, Jeremiah’s brothers and cousins “went to bat” for him with his mom, convincing her to let him play football.   By the time he reached high school, Jeremiah was a dual sport athlete at Pioneer High School where he played four years of football in various positions such as QB, RB, WR and CB.  In baseball, Jeremiah played every position BUT shortstop (SS) and first base; however, due to an ACL and meniscus injury, he decided to play only two years of baseball and focus on recovering and getting back to football.   

    After high school, Jeremiah attended a few junior colleges in the area such as Deanza and San Jose City.  Realizing these schools weren’t the best fit for him, he decided to take some time off – evaluate life and his life goals.  During his short hiatus from education, Jeremiah started working for some big box gyms - earning money, getting life experience, and keeping himself in an environment related to physical activity and fitness.  While working at these locations, Jeremiah gained invaluable experience as both an Operations Manager and Front Desk Assistant.

    After taking a few years off, Jeremiah reached out to some former teammates to ‘check-in with them’ and see what they were up to; as it turned out, some of them were playing football at Gavilan College. Returning to school, much less football, wasn’t front of mind since he needed to pay rent.  However, after contemplation and discussions with family and friends, Jeremiah decided he wanted to finish school, be an example for his niece and nephews, and show the “neigh-sayers” who said he’d be dead or in jail by the age of 18 that he’s doing something positive with his life.  In 2019, Jeremiah enrolled at Gavilan College and joined the football program.  Unfortunately, football didn’t last long as the season was reduced due to the COVID pandemic, but, in the spring of 2022, Jeremiah was once again able to resume his “Ju-Co athletic” career where he is well on his way to achieving an Associates of Science in Kinesiology.   It is Jeremiah’s goal to obtain a scholarship to continue to play football and further his education by the fall of 2023. 

    Jeremiah chose to work at Red Dot Fitness because he loves working in the gym environment and meeting new people every day. He also says the gym is a place where he gets his inspiration, from seeing clients work hard, determined to achieve their goals, and he carries this with him throughout the day.

    In Jeremiah’s free time, he enjoys playing video games and going to the beach – the beach helps him relax and focus on a positive mental attitude.  At other times, Jeremiah enjoys hanging out with his niece and nephews or his family and friends. He also enjoys his visits to New York, where he spent summers visiting his dad and grandparents. 

    A fun fact about Jeremiah is, his favorite movie is 42.  42 is a biographical movie about one of baseball’s all-time players, Jackie Robinson.  And, since baseball is one of Jeremiah’s favorite sports, it “hits” close to home.