Isha Parol

Isha Parol

    Isha Parol

    Personal Trainer - Coach


    Isha’s passion for fitness and leading a healthy lifestyle originated during her early college years after rehabilitating a torn meniscus from dance. She spent most of her teenage years on various Bollywood and Indian classical dance teams, and once she retired from dance it was important for her to continue living an active lifestyle. Initially, Isha’s gym experience was centered around spending hours on the elliptical and stair master obsessing over her appearance until one day she saw other women lifting weights – this was her catalyst into the weight room and she hasn’t looked back since.

    Isha was quickly introduced to the world of powerlifting and discovered she had a natural talent as a strength athlete. After experimenting with different programs and coaching herself through a twenty-week prep, she competed in her first powerlifting meet and won first place. She set the Arizona state record for the squat and deadlift in her weight class and broke her own records at her second competition later that year. She has continued to thoroughly enjoy training for both powerlifting and strongman because the efforts focus primarily on what her body is capable of doing rather than focusing on her appearance.

    Being in the strength training world has given Isha the discipline and confidence that carries over into her day-to-day life. From a shy dancer to a nationally qualified strength athlete, fitness has truly shaped everything she does and loves. 

    Isha completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise and Wellness at Arizona State University. She is a  National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certified Personal Trainer with advanced credentials as a NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist.  She plans to attend Physical Therapy school to work with clients combining strength and conditioning with preventative and rehabilitative measures for athletes at all levels.

    Isha makes her training sessions fun and challenging by creating programs that fit a multitude of lifestyles and goals. She is passionate about helping people, guiding them toward a physically active lifestyle, and assisting her clients in creating long-term sustainable habits so they may live their healthiest life. 

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