How to do it all without getting overwhelmed

How to do it all without getting overwhelmed

By Scott Howell

Successfully navigating the routine of taking care of yourself:

 In the 20+ years we have been in the health and fitness industry, now more than ever we’re seeing consumers and enthusiasts reach all new levels of confusion.  There is a preponderance and proliferation of information available and jettisoned daily over the web and through social media. Currently there’s a strong trend of sensationalizing half-naked, post workout, locker-room selfies; people espousing how keto is the answer to everyone’s weight-loss goals; and posts suggesting you’re a loser if you don’t go beast-mode 7 days a week.  It’s no surprise there’s confusion and a disconnect of what is “true” and what is healthy. For the individual attempting to identify and establish, ‘what is the best health and fitness routine and program for me?,’ these media and information platforms can be extraordinarily overwhelming.

 Every day at Red Dot Fitness we receive phone calls and emails from potential clients inquiring about our small group classes and personal training in San Jose, CA.  When we have these conversations with people we learn all kinds of things: their goals, motivation(s) for contacting us, health and workout history, limitations they may have, etc. 99% of the time these individuals have already experienced other types of fitness programming/classes/gyms. These previous or current experiences have given them a certain level of awareness specific to what works or doesn’t work for them....or, at least what they think works or doesn’t work for them.  They’re often looking to compare our offerings against their current or previous routine or provider of services for answers to the ultimate formula they haven’t figured out.

 Let’s pause for a minute...

 Instead of trying to get it all figured out and “siloing” health and fitness into its constituent parts (weights, cardio, protein, carbohydrate, fat, etc) and creating a routine around so many moving pieces, we encourage you to get into a routine of taking care of yourself.

 What does taking care of yourself mean?

 Creating awareness and being connected to your well-being is vital. It’s not all about diet and exercise. Of course, these components are important, but they’re only part of YOUR formula. Having a platform established for success means digging deeper than calories in versus calories out and how long you stayed in your “target heart-rate zone.” Here’s a few questions to check for awareness: 

  • Are you aware of how your fitness community impacts your relationship with exercise?
  • Do you feel gym-barassment? OR, engaged, empowered, enthusiastic and energetic, when you walk through the door of the gym?
  • Do you feel like you NEED to compete with the other members or clients around you in order to validate your workout? OR, do you feel supported and validated in your personal efforts each workout?
  • Are you afraid of sounding like a whiner if you feel discomfort or pain when performing exercises? OR, are you and/or your coach assessing potential solutions to your discomfort?
  • Do you have a rationale for why you’re performing certain exercises...OR, are you hoping or guessing that you’re performing the right/best exercises?
  • Are you aware of your triggers surrounding decisions about daily nutrition and exercise?
  • Do you recognize the behaviors you engage in that influence how you approach your health and fitness day to day, week to week, and so on?

Establishing a routine of taking care of yourself means having positive and affirming answers to all of these questions. With solid answers, you can successfully make informed decisions to effect your health and fitness. Being mindful and informed will empower you to be the most productive you that you can be.

 Establishing a strong foundation for your new routine starts with awareness. Awareness of YOUR mindset, behaviors, triggers, posture, biomechanics, limitations, and feedback mechanisms are all important. So, before you go investing or diving into a new workout program or diet plan based on popular belief or price, pause for a moment and ask yourself if you’re decision(s) helps you move closer to truly taking care of yourself for the long-term.

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