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Greg Lutton

Personal Trainer

Greg Lutton - NSCA, USAW, NFHS

Greg Lutton is a skilled and enthusiastic fitness professional helping individuals and teams attain a higher level of athletic and personal performance. From field-sports to motorsports, Greg uses a carefully engineered approach to develop a plan for each individual and team to ensure success. This same approach is used as a framework for his clients’ program design in helping them to improve health, fitness, and functionality whether they are a novice exerciser or fitness enthusiast.

Greg graduated from Harvard University Extension School with a Bachelor of Liberal Arts in Humanities. He worked for 15 years in entertainment managing the development of videogames and TV shows. With the birth of his son, he decided to make a change and ventured the path to becoming a health and fitness professional earning certifications from the NSCA (National Strength & Conditioning Association), USAW (Sports Performance Coach), and the NFHS (National Federation of State High-School Associations) as a lacrosse coach. Greg’s experience and expertise in coaching and team management has landed him positions in coaching and as a program director for multiple youth, high school and collegiate athletic lacrosse programs around the Bay Area.  In addition to working at Red Dot Fitness, he concurrently serves as a varsity lacrosse coach at Saint Francis High School in Mountain View.

Over the last several years, Greg has focused on mastering his personal training and coaching craft while pursuing increased disciplinary knowledge in every way possible. He constantly challenges himself to learn with the understanding that there is always something new to discover in every training and practice session. He enjoys getting the competitive juices flowing through Elite Spartan Races and contesting other riders on the supermoto race track. When Greg isn’t in the gym or on the field coaching, you’ll likely still find him in either environment satisfying his personal captivation with Olympic Weightlifting or as a participant in a men’s lacrosse program in Palo Alto.