Grady Caldwell

    Grady Caldwell

    Personal Trainer - Nutrition Coach


    Being active and competitive was a major part of life growing up.  Beginning in his early youth, Grady participated in as many sports as he could, and it didn’t take long before he discovered his talent and passion for playing baseball. Baseball was all Grady could think about on and off the field. It was through baseball where he was introduced to the weight-room and how weight training could directly impact his strength and performance. His new-found knowledge, strength, and performance gains propelled him to become an All American Collegiate Athlete.

    Like many student-athletes who complete their collegiate journey, the drive to train their minds and bodies doesn’t cease when their chosen sport and academics end.  Grady continued to explore his own health and fitness while pursuing a career in Personal Training and Coaching.  He quickly realized a new passion for helping others become the best version of themselves through proper training and nutrition.  Grady went on to obtain professional credentials from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM CPT), Precision Nutrition (Pn1), Functional Range Conditioning (FRCms), and United States Weightlifting (Sports Performance Coach). 

    Through his many years of training, Grady has come to realize that the combination of frequent movement and a solid nutritional base are the keys to a happy and healthy life. He is adamant about educating people on movement and nutrition, and he steadfastly believes coaching individuals on how to create a healthy lifestyle for themselves is paramount to their individual success. 

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