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Ready to stop the "dieting" & get on track? 



*Connection to our customized online education platform easily accessed from your smartphone or desktop

*Fuel-U Guide & Workbook ($100 value, pdf)

*LIVE 1:1 30min Coaching Session/Consult

*Uncomplicated & easy to follow practical application tools to personalize your own nutrition

*Cheat-sheets & supplementary guides to help you stay motivated & on track

Eliminate confusion & get the FACTS that coaches, the diet industry, and the media can't seem to agree on 

- OR be honest about

Fuel U is perfect for "U" if...

You want a self-guided approach

You like problem solving & action steps for success

You want technical tools & a roadmap to navigate

You have a more established diet & training “age” (diet & exercise history) 

Learn at your own pace

We've designed Fuel U as a 30 day program...but, you can work at whatever tempo is best for you!

We're here to help!

Upon enrollment you'll be prompted to schedule your LIVE 30min 1:1 Coaching Session at a time that works best for YOU.

Let's get you FOREVER results!

  • Achieve the knowledge & dietary framework you need

  • Structure your nutrition in a way that works for your current lifestyle

  • Learn how to navigate life & your dietary needs regardless of food preferences and/or restrictions 

  • Build a new routine in a way that keeps you feeling healthy & thriving in your own body

  • Learn how to leverage your dietary efforts along side your workout plan for the results YOU desire

Latest Success Stories

Diane F

Lindsay really helped me through the stress of my wedding planning. She is an amazing person and I did nutrition coaching with her last year and saw great results. I hurt my back a few years ago and she helped me get back on track with exercise and not eating my feelings - well eating them less, but bless her she tried and was great at accountability coaching with me!

Michael A

This is pretty great, less than a month (21days to be exact) and almost 8 lbs down. I feel great :) I can’t wait to give my weekly check-ins to see the results.

Karen R

I’m so so thankful for all our many hours of work together! You’ve been an amazing role model, confidant, and booty builder!!! When I ended my engagement I needed structure and something that would make me stronger and working with you gave me both of those. Now seeing body changes and seeing my muscles grow is just an extra benefit!

Sarah T

When I first started I didn’t realize how much this was going to change me! It’s so true - once you find self love & happiness within yourself then others see it, feel it, and feed it. I want to bottle & share this feeling with everyone! This isn’t a diet or challenge. It’s a life change.

Melanie P

Before I started working with Lindsay, I was doing OrangeTheory 4-5 times a week consistently for about 6 months and stopped seeing results. Lindsay helped me understand the importance of weight training and nutrition. She developed a personal nutritional plan that is easy to follow and that is sustainable. I am now lifting heavier weights than I ever have, feeling more energy, eating right, and feeling strong!

It’s a different kind of 30 day challenge – it’s the kind where you have nothing to lose at the end, but everything to gain. 


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