Frances Merendino

    Frances Merendino

    Front Desk Assistant

    Just a new mom, seeking to get a six pack!

    Unlike all the coaches at Red Dot, fitness hasn’t always been a priority of hers.

    Growing up, Frances was always known as "the really skinny kid" with tons of energy. She played softball her freshmen through junior years of high school, and, after graduating, Frances was more focused on work and her social life rather than exercise and fitness.

    In 2018, Frances had a very traumatic experience that impacted her emotionally, and she struggled to stay positive. All motivation was gone.   Knowing that the benefits of exercise would make Frances feel better she began to workout with her aunt.  Frances liked the idea that something could ‘beat’ you up and make you feel great at the same time. They started their workouts at 5 am, 3 days a week for an hour. Before she knew it, Frances was working out 6 days a week!

    Frances felt empowered and accomplished with her new found physical regimen, and she had a burning desire to work toward a fitness goal. With this, Frances decided to sign up for something that was going to push her like she had never been pushed before -- a Spartan event. She gave herself 3 months to seriously train, and train with focus and intensity. In August 2018, Frances completed her first Spartan Sprint in Portland, Oregon.

    In 2019, Frances had her son Jack. She had such a rough pregnancy and her drive to workout was completely gone. Joining the Red Dot Fitness team in January 2020 has sparked her motivation to get back at it. She says, "being around everyone at Red Dot brings back positive memories of how good it felt to be healthier and more active. I can’t wait to get back into shape."

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