For Whom is this program designed? 

Fit For Action (FFA) is a complex program that presumes the user has a strong foundation in movement efficiency, strength, balance, coordination, mobility, and capacity. If these “prerequisites” are in need of significant improvement, we highly recommend spending time in our Total Body Strength & Conditioning (TBSC) or Physique programs inside the RDF Online Membership prior to beginning FFA.


What should you expect?

Building on the above foundations, following this program will markedly improve your maximal muscle strength, endurance, power, and cardiovascular capacity. Through each 3-5 week phase you’ll experience challenges in total training volume, intensity, advanced and complex movement patterns, and focused cardio tempo and interval work (running, cycling, rucking, rowing, etc.). Each phase builds upon the other so you can measure both your efforts and your progress.


How do I know where to start?

We recommend ALL users start the program in Phase 1. Follow this recommendation to re-establish foundational movement patterns, build a strong platform for program progression, and reduce risk of injury and/ or “over-training.” We understand that everyone has different levels of training. Even if you consider yourself an advanced level exerciser, we advise that you begin and challenge yourself starting with Phase 1 of the program. For many, Phase 1 may be a beneficial transition from a previous training cycle or  program prior to the increased intensity and volume of what is to come.


What is required?

While modifications can be made, the complexity in this program does require the use of equipment that is both traditional and non-traditional.


Here’s an exact list of suggested equipment for this program:



Safety Squat Bar (SSB)

Trap Bar

Weighted Plates

Adjustable Exercise Bench

Multi-Purpose Power Rack



Suspension Unit

Cables w/ Attachments/Handles

TubingBands (both heavy & light resistance)

Plyo Boxes

Battling Rope


Sand Bags (log-style w/ handles)

Medicine Balls