Corporate Wellness Programs
Help your employees achieve optimal health and performance while strengthening company culture through a balanced corporate wellness program.


Investing in employee wellness can pay valuable dividends. Major global operations and small start-ups alike benefit from having a healthier, more focused, and happier work force.

When attracting premier-level talent, a well-defined health and wellness program will differentiate your company from the competition.

Promoting a healthy lifestyle through providing company sponsored health and fitness offerings help your employees achieve:

  • A reduced stress-profile
  • Increased sense of value & job satisfaction
  • Healthier lifestyle and behaviors inside & outside of the workplace
  • The positive feeling that they are valued by their employer and company leadership

When your employees engage in accessible resources to improve how they feel, your business can function at an optimal level through:

  • Increasing employee productivity
  • Improving employee retention/longevity
  • Creating a stronger workplace community
  • Decreasing absenteeism (missed work days)
  • Shrinking presenteeism (at work but un-focused) 

Red Dot Fitness provides several options and services for companies seeking to improve and enhance both the well-being of their workplace and employees. Offerings include:

  • Customized on-site fitness classes & workshops
  • Tailored on-site health promotion 
  • Specialized on-site & remote nutrition, wellness, & lifestyle coaching
  • Corporate off-site access & membership options at Red Dot Fitness HQ
  • Exclusive discounts for specialized coaching & programming for your employees
  • Access to our TEAM of experienced & professional staff of coaches and practitioners
  • Corporate fitness facility design & equipment acquisition 


How to Get Started

Find out what we can do to help fulfill your corporate wellness vision

Step 1

Simply contact us below so we can chat about which of our services are the right fit for your company’s people, culture, and goals.

Step 2

Invite your workplace community to an orientation event. We'll provide all the information and registration links.

Step 3

Workout, improve healthy habits, stay motivated, and have fun together. We'll make tracking easy by providing detailed monthly attendance reports.

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