Caleb Disney

    Caleb Disney

    Personal Trainer - Online Coach

    BS, CSCS

    Caleb’s path to fitness began as a COMPLETE lifestyle overhaul at the age of 18 years old. At 125 pounds and six feet tall, after his first successful month in recovery from a long time battle with substance abuse, Caleb began exercising regularly and eating on a schedule in an effort to reach a healthy body weight. Four weeks into a basic at-home routine of push-ups, pull-ups, and bicep curls, he decided to join a gym where he was promptly “bitten by the bug,” falling in love with weightlifting. 

    After a year of training and taking college courses, Caleb made the decision to switch his major to Kinesiology and pursue a career in strength and conditioning. He continued to train for general strength and physique development while obtaining his associate’s degree from West Valley College. Upon receiving his degree, Caleb transferred to CSU Monterey Bay, where he participated as an undergraduate research assistant for a professor in the Kinesiology department, and he began competing in amateur bodybuilding shows where he had some success. During his senior year of college Caleb co-authored two published papers, obtained his Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) certification through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), and maintained straight As, all while training and dieting for two back-to-back bodybuilding competitions, both of which he placed 2nd.

    While completing his bachelor’s degree, Caleb began his personal training career working with clients in-person and online. He has worked with a variety of people, high school athletes, bodybuilders and powerlifters, in addition to the general population, including older adults and children. Through these experiences, he’s developed a deep love for watching people’s performance improve through structured training - whether “performance” be measured by sprint speed, absolute strength, or simple improvements in how someone feels while moving about during activities of daily life. Fitness, specifically resistance training, changed Caleb’s life dramatically and for the better.  He desires opportunities to share with others what has become one of the most enjoyable outlets in his life.

    As Caleb’s professional journey continues, he foresees graduate school in his future - possibly in the concentration of resistance training or exercise physiology while also continuing to coach in some capacity.

    In his free time, Caleb enjoys reading fiction and watching/listening to lectures or round table discussions on exercise science, specifically body composition related topics.  He also enjoys getting outside when the weather is nice and to play frisbee.