Anika Bauzon

    Anika Bauzon

    Personal Trainer - Coach


    Anika found a love for sports at an early age while being raised in Japan. More often than not you’d find her running around with a basketball in her hands, roller blades on her feet, or biking through the woods. After one too many injuries while growing up, Anika realized it was time to learn how to strengthen her body.  

    Anika’s professional journey began while living in Hawaii, post high school.  She was offered an opportunity to be a personal trainer at a big box gym.  She was ecstatic for the opportunity, and this is where she found a deep love for people, movement, and positive change. It was during this time she realized how everyday choices have long lasting effects on our health, and she wanted to help others get stronger and live healthier and happier lives.

    Using National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM CPT) based science and National Holistic Institute's (NHI) massage school as a foundation for her professional practice, Anika incorporates strength, balance, mobility, and movement rehabilitation into her programming for clients.

    As a Performance Enhancement coach and Basic Olympic Lifting Certified (BOLC) Instructor through Totten Training, she is able to pair power and agility with conditioning for anyone who is ready to level up and achieve their goals.

    Life experiences can gracefully guide or forge new paths.  A few years ago, Anika’s mom passed away from Ovarian Cancer, and it sparked a passion for helping moms get strong, comfortable, and excited about their bodies, regardless of whether they are pre or post natal.  Utilizing her Moms’ IntoFitness certification, Anika embraces her clients by meeting them at their current level of health, and guides them through programming  with the goal for moms to see the potential in themselves to be the best versions they can for themselves and their kids.

    Anika’s mom’s last wish was for her to work “smarter not harder,” thus she decided to pursue massage school at National Holistic Institute (NHI) and complete the 900 hour program.  This practical modality and additional education diversified Anika’s professional scope of practice.  This is when ‘everything’ clicked! Fitness and proper recovery became something Anika wanted to focus on and incorporate. Over the last several years, Anika has refined and mastered skills with what she’s learned as a certified massage therapist and personal trainer -- to design custom programs, with the intention of helping people move better, decrease pain, and gain confidence. 

     Anika will educate and motivate you.  And, together, you can celebrate your achievements!  Let’s get started!