Andrea Elazegui

    Andrea Elazegui

    Personal Trainer - Coach


    Unlike many other trainers at Red Dot Fitness, Andrea was not involved in athletics beyond the mandated school P.E. during her younger years. Admittedly, her initial motivation to start her fitness journey was to change her physique. Andrea being the “self-starter” she is began by immersing herself in free online resources. Self-conscious and feeling awkward at the gym, but ready to make change, it was her mission to go to the gym daily. However, after years of attendance, she saw little to no change in her body. Finally, she desperately sought the help of a personal trainer. 

    Andrea quickly realized the value of working with a fitness professional. Having someone cue in on her exercise form in-person was incomparable to watching form videos online. Through her time with a trainer, she learned she could exercise less, eat more, and get better results! Andrea wished she had done it sooner. 

    After time and consistency in exercise, many things changed. First, she was surprised how much progress she saw in other ways beyond aesthetic changes. Andrea was able to run comfortably for longer, and her perception of herself changed; despite previous and limited beliefs based on past experiences regarding exercise (e.g., not athletic, uncoordinated), she was stronger and faster than ever before—not to mention with more energy. In turn, Andrea developed a love for physical activity she never thought she’d have; it truly became a part of her lifestyle. Most notably, her reasons for incorporating exercise changed from aesthetics to promoting health and wellness, longevity, and fitness through aging.

    Fast forward to today and the tables have turned. Andrea is now a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, whose mission is to provide the individualized programming, guidance, and expertise she wished she had when starting her fitness journey. She enjoys sharing her knowledge of fitness and nutrition and helping others navigate the plethora of information they have at their fingertips. What brings her the most joy about coaching is helping others reach mental and physical benchmarks they never thought would be possible. 

    Andrea believes life doesn’t have to revolve around fitness, but movement and exercise are a necessary part of a healthy lifestyle. In her life outside of the gym, she loves spending time with friends and family, seeking personal and professional growth, exploring (or relaxing) outdoors, and trying new things, whether it be shows or food places. Andrea believes everyone can benefit from regularly doing things they suck at—so you’ll also find her trying new activities (right now, it’s street dance).  

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