An Interactive Workshop With A World Class Talent - Adam Saucedo, MA

Event Time : Thursday, February 2nd 6:30PM

Come and learn how to increase your chances for Health and Fitness success in 2017. At this point in the new year, most of you have set out goals and commitments for your Health and Fitness lifestyle. You may have gone one-step further and signed up for the Red Dot Fitness TARGETED Transformation Challenge. No matter your level of focus and accountability, what holds back most individuals in lifestyle change is their mindset. Your mindset can make or break your experience from day-to-day, as well as, impact your overall success with lifestyle change. Come be a part of an interactive workshop that has been tailored to fit your exact Health and Fitness needs at Red Dot Fitness. We will be exploring different tools and skills that can assist you on your Health and Fitness journey, with the ultimate goal of creating long-term, sustainable change. For those in the Challenge, this is especially important as you navigate the weekly required tasks of the Challenge, as well as, prepare for unforeseen challenges along this process. Be ready to learn more about the best practices in lifestyle change, while enjoying the process of strengthening a personal awareness around your own Health and Fitness lifestyle.


Adam Saucedo, M.A. is a Mental Performance Specialist who works in Northern California. He provides both individual and team consulting to help his clients realize their full performance potential. Upon completion of his Master’s Degree in Sport Psychology, Adam has had the opportunity to apply his knowledge and expertise in a variety of sport, exercise and business settings. His goal is to empower his clients by teaching them how to develop and personalize the skills and mindset necessary for behavioral and lifestyle change. Mental Performance development can be utilized in any daily activity that requires the client to perform consistently and effectively. This includes, but is not limited to, work, fitness and home-life performances. From CEOs to World Champions, Adam draws from his experiences in various contexts to create his framework for Mental Performance development.