Danielle Schenk

    Danielle Schenk

    Front Desk Assistant

    As a child growing up, Danielle was always active! From the age of 5 she participated in team and individual sports such as softball, basketball, soccer to surfing and snowboarding. It didn't matter what the sport was, Danielle always wanted to try new things! Unfortunately, during high school, Danielle was drawn away from sports due to circumstances beyond her control. It wasn't until 2017 that she found something to replace that passion of participating in sport; it was the fitness industry! And, like most people she knew, she was intimidated and nervous to step into a gym. She wondered if she was going to be judged or looked at differently. Danielle didn't know anything about a gym or how to work out. Over the first few days of being in a gym and doing cardio machines only, Danielle looked at her situation and realized she had 2 choices: a) she could stick with cardio and be comfortable, or b) she could step out onto the gym floor and take control of being uncomfortable in this setting. Danielle changed her mindset, did research on how to lift weights and program for herself - no longer was she worried or nervous about other people’s judgements.

    Danielle treats the gym as her new sport. Always learning, having fun, and being competitive, but this time being competitive with herself versus with others. Danielle enjoys her ever evolving health and fitness journey, observing strength gains and challenging herself to lift heavier. Working out has given Danielle a new sense of empowerment both mentally and physically, and her passion for the gym has transcended to her professional life as she is no stranger to customer care and relations.

    During Danielle’s free time, she enjoys being outside, traveling, hiking, and the beach. Danielle is also very involved in helping others whether it is at her church, through mission trips, raising funds for people in need, or volunteering her time to organizations whose purpose betters humanity. She’s also extremely passionate about photography – any opportunity she gets to better her craft is one step closer to her long term goal of one day having her own photography business. But, until then, she wants to learn as much as she can about the fitness industry and people in whatever ways she can.