20 Days for 22 Dollars

20 DAYS FOR $22

Unlimited Group Classes


A lot can happen in 20 days.

In 20 days, you can begin a new lifestyle with a focus on fitness, overall health and wellness.

Right NOW Red Dot Fitness is offering a 20-day pass to its Group Training Classes for $22.

That’s $22 for a variety of fitness classes in a small group atmosphere to help you jumpstart your fitness goals, regardless of your fitness level or previous experience.

Tighten and firm up your body, solidify your fitness goals, and experience what Red Dot Fitness has to offer – for just $22.

Give us 20 days and we’ll change your life. Come Get Some! 


**Read the RULES & CONDITIONS of above offer HERE



To find our more please feel free to give us a call at 408-242-9442 or provide us your information using the form below. We will contact you, introduce ourselves and help you get started. 

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