Personal Services. Premium Facilities. Premier Experience.


1/1 Private Sessions

Red Dot Fitness provides a friendly and motivating private personal training environment equipped to meet the needs of the novice exerciser to the elite athlete. With over a two decades of experience in corporate, collegiate and private settings, our highly educated, experienced, and results-driven personal trainers/coaches service clients with a variety of health and fitness goals. Results are achieved through a team approach between the client and personal trainer. No matter what your goal, you can expect a plan that will maximize your results as efficiently and safely as possible.


Semi-Private Sessions

Semi-Private Personal Training offers the same individualized programming for your needs and goals as 1:1 Private Personal Training at a great value. With Semi-Private training you will be training with 1-2 additional clients simultaneously. Each client gets individualized instruction for her/his own program in a dynamic and fun environment with training partners that may or may not have similar goals or be of similar fitness levels.


Small Group Classes

Small Group Personal Training (SGPT) is our best value providing a variety of effective and dynamic session types for groups of 4-8 individuals. Mix up your power and strength training with high intensity interval sessions throughout the week in a fun and non-competitive environment. Quality and safety of the sessions are maintained by keeping the groups small and balanced so each participant gets the attention s/he needs and deserves.


Targeted Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition planning accounts for 85-90% of the results of any fitness program. Helping people understand and take control of their own nutrition is something we take a lot of pride in at Red Dot Fitness. In our Targeted Nutrition Program, we employ scientifically-based programs, personalized meal plans, 1:1 client Nutrition Coaching sessions, support materials/tools, to guide clients through their journey to better health and sustainable results.


Corporate Fitness Programs

Red Dot Fitness delivers the same high quality Small Group Personal Training, 1:1 Personal Training, and Semi-Personal Training sessions we deliver in our San Jose studio to corporate professionals and facilities throughout the Bay Area! Our qualified and motivated staff brings their expertise to you when and where it’s most convenient for you and your professional teammates.


Special Needs Fitness

We aim to improve the health & wellness of individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities by providing access to our professional health & fitness services. After several years of working with special needs individuals and organizations, Red Dot Fitness offers a premier facility and experienced and expert staff to symbiotically deliver the above focus in conjunction with our own mission and core values.